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Merchant of Venice Shylock and Antonio Relationship Essay Sample

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The Venetian Merchant Antonio

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Shylock is solely responsible

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The Merchant of Venice Essay Paper

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Merchant of Venice Essay: In the play, The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare makes good use of two main characters to spark life into yet another one of his captivating plays. These two men are Shylock, a Jew, and Antonio, a Christian.

Antonio comes into the play as a pessimistic, miserable character.

The Merchant Of Venice - Shylock: Villain Or Victim?

However, as the play. Shylock essay. % original paper name: this person is antonio and reference. Discuss the years that have been a book reports, by years after a debtor, Shylock felt the hatred from Antonio, the discrimination from Christians’, and the betrayal of his daughter, Jessica whom marries Lorenzo who is a Christian.

Shylock was a genuine member of his community and a Jewish moneylender, who endured abuse from Antonio and yet forgave easily.

The Duke tried to reason with Shylock, he begged Shylock to show mercy towards Antonio and abandon the bond. He said à  And where thou now exacts the penalty, which is a pound of this poor merchantà  s flesh, thou wilt not only loose the forfeiture but,4/5(1). Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice centres around the conflict of a Christian merchant; Antonio, and a Jewish money-lender; Shylock.

Their relationship is fuelled by a passionate hatred, and concludes with the ultimate sacrifice. Antonio is a wealthy business man, Shylock says he hates him because, ‘He lends out money gratis, and brings down the rate of usance here.’ Shylock makes his money by charging interest.

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People like Antonio stop him from making money.

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