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Chinese remainder theorem: The Chinese remainder theorem, including simultaneous congruences in number theory, was first created in the 3rd century AD in the mathematical book Sunzi Suanjing posed the problem: "There is an unknown number of things, when divided by 3 it leaves 2, when divided by 5 it leaves 3, and when divided by 7 it leaves a remainder of 2.

June 5, — Dinosaur-age fossilized remains of tiny organisms normally found in the sea have been discovered in inland, arid Australia -- suggesting the area was, for a short time at least.

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Chemist John Dalton was born September 6,in Eaglesfield, England. During his early career, he identified the hereditary nature of red-green color blindness.

Jul 18,  · CULTURE Magazine is an English-language monthly magazine featuring articles and photo essays on arts, fashion, travel, lifestyle, food and wine. Discovery Channel Magazine. Magzter Inc. Discovery Channel Magazine India, published by the India Today Group Magzter Inc. Kids magazine is an interactive, multi-topic magazine /5(7).


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Roxane Gay. Top Fiction on Scribd View More. You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine: A Novel.

Discovery channel kids essays
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